The Top 5 Duos in the NBA

There are 30 teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA), with 15 teams in the East and 15 in the west. The Toronto Raptors Franchise is the only team that is not actually American, it’s from the North but it falls under the Eastern Conference. They battle perilously and give their best. The NBA season has 82 games, but only the top 8 teams from the East and the top 8 from the West make it through. From here on, it become a best of 7 games series so which ever teams win their 4 games the fastest qualifies and the finals will be played by the best of the East versus the best of the West. In the off-season players may get traded to balance out or to strengthen a team’s squad and player chemistry.

Last time out, we saw some of the underrated stars of the NBA and now, we take a look at the top 5 duos. Although not all of them played, we are analyzing the potential that they have.

1) Lebron James and Anthony Davis:

Lebron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers in July 2018, but had a disappointing 2018-19 season, we did not get a chance to see Lebron at his peak, but once Anthony Davis joined the team in July 2019 the entire team has been playing with a lot more poise and confidence. LeBron has another All-star that he can rely on. The duo were playing to win and they were clear favorites to win this season. Lebron James lead the league in number of assists with an astounding 636 assists added to that was a season with a 34.7% 3-point shooting percent, a field goal percent of a staggering 49.7% and 1509 points! On the other hand, Anthony Davis was 3rd in the NBA for number of Blocks with 134 blocked shots and coupled with that he recorded a whopping 123 offensive rebounds. Anthony Davis also recorded 516 rebounds overall and he had a breathtaking field goal percentage of 51.1%.

2) Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson:

Unfortunately, both were out due to Injuries, Stephen Curry was out due to a surgery that he underwent on his left hand and an injury to the index finger. Klay Thompson was out due to a torn ACL. It was devastating for NBA fans all over the world to see the Golden State Warriors really struggling to get their wins this season without the ‘Splash Brothers’. Basketball fans from all around the world wish them a speedy recovery and are really looking forward to the forthcoming season with a healthy Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. At his prime Stephen Curry makes ridiculous 3 pointers at will, he has the handles to match his shot making ability and his selflessness with the ball make him such a treat to watch. Klay Thompson is deadly when he gets going and young basketball aspirants can learn how to shoot the ball by watching Klay Thompson shoot, he has one of the cleanest and most accurate shot releases that the game has ever seen.

3) Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant:

When Kevin Durant was all set to leave the Golden State Warriors, all eyes were on him and teams, players and fans wanted to know which team he would sign with. When these two signed with the Brooklyn Nets, it was a major change in fortune for all Nets fans. Kevin Durant is a 6-foot 10-inch, 109 kg small forward that has the shot making and play making ability like no other player in the league. Kevin Durant has career stats of 49.3% field goal percentage, 38.1% 3-point percentage, he is an 88.3% free throw shooter, but the most impressive stat of all is his career average points per game of 27 points. This is just 1 player on the team, if we add the agility and skills that Kyrie Irving has, it takes Brooklyn Nets to being one of the top contenders for the title. A lot of fans even argue that Kyrie Irving has the best set of skills and his ball handling abilities are unmatched, this can clearly be seen by all the broken ankles, confusion and chaos that he gives the defenders. Unfortunately, Kyrie did not get much time on the court and KD was out this season, but fans are hopeful for a healthy duo to unleash their skills, play with intent and clinch the title in the next season.

4) Kawhi Leonard and Paul George:

Kawhi Leonard has turned into a force that should not be messed with. He has turned into one of the best 2-way players that the league has ever seen. The way he plays defense causes major headache to the opponents. He is a very quiet all-star that doesn’t express himself very much, but he lets his game do the talking. Kawhi has a 49.1% field goal percentage, 38.1% 3-point percentage, and the 2019-20 season he averaged 26.9 points per game. Paul George is another brilliant 2-way player, the fact that these 2 are on the same team can give their opponents nightmares. Paul George is a 43.3% field goal shooter, a 38% 3-point shooter and with the Clippers in the 2019-20 season he averaged 21 points. Unfortunately, both of them did take turn on the bench, everyone should keep an eye on the Las Angeles Clippers as they can come back strong in the following year.

5)James Harden and Russell Westbrook:

James Harden and his step back left-handed shot is a treat for the fans but close to an impossible shot to guard by the opponents. James Harden is the purest form of entertainment for the fans, his pre-game dances, his off the court NBA Cares initiatives and the destruction that he causes on the court. James Harden led the league in number of points in the 2019-20 season, he scored an unmatched 2096 points. He has a field goal percentage of 44.2% and a 36.3% 3-point percentage and in the 2019-20 season he averaged an incredible 7.4 assists per game and led the NBA in points per game with a whopping 34.4 points per game. These stats are enough to rip an opponent apart, but now we add Westbrook to the Rockets and we get a high potential championship team. Westbrook's aggression is what makes him such a feisty competitor, he has the ability, the agility, the speed and the athleticism to split any defense and reach the basket. In the 2019-20 NBA season with the Rockets, Westbrook average 27.5 points and recorded close to 7 assists a night. The Rockets have all the boxes checked to grab the 2020-21 championship title.

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