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Whenever a person thinks about basketball the top skills that come to mind are usually ball handling, shooting and defense. Passing is one of those skills that is very often overlooked, but the players that are good passers are usually the ones with a very high Basketball IQ and they are the play-makers, they can see the play before it happens. When we start playing Basketball, we usually learn 3 kinds of passes, they are the Chest pass, the Bounce pass and the Overhead pass. There are a few players that are very talented and creative with their passes and have the innate ability to get the ball to the right player or an open player that can convert for some easy points.

As we know Basketball is a team game and passing is one of the foundations of what makes a strong team. Most players enjoy the spotlight, it is always a tough decision, especially in the dying seconds of a match, a player always wants to take the game winning shot, but it is always better to assess the court and find the open man for the easy Bucket. A player can practice dribbling or shooting to enhance his/her game but passing comes with practice and having the presence of mind to make the pass and get the ball to the right place at the right time. Mentioned below are some of the best players in the NBA, it includes all players that have ever played in the NBA.

1) Steve Nash

Stephen John Nash was born in South Africa. In the year 1996, Nash was picked 15th overall by the Phoenix Suns in the NBA Draft, but he didn’t get much time on the court because of the star squad that the Suns already had. Steve Nash got traded to the Dallas Mavericks in 1998, in his 2000-01 season he showed the world his potential by averaging 15.6 points and an astonishing 7.3 assists per match. That is nearly averaging a double- double. Having Dirk Nowitzki on his team reually help and both of them helped excel the team. Steve Nash headed back to the Suns in the Free Agency that followed the 2003-04 season.

The fact that Steve Nash used to play Football (Soccer) really helped his game vision, he had a unique gift of finding new lanes to drive in to the basket and find his teammates at any time. Steve Nash is a 5-time all-NBA leader in assists per game, and in the 2006-07 season he averaged a stunning 11.6 assists per game. Throughout his career Steve Nash finished with a total of 17,387 points and a mind-blowing 10,335 assists. Steve Nash is 3rd on the all-time NBA most assists board. The fluency he had when he played in the league was just beautiful and he was definitely a treat to watch and a very fierce competitor.

2) Jason Kidd

Jason Frederick Kidd was born in San Francisco, California. Jason Kidd has the skills that left the defense with no answer. He shot the ball beautifully; he had the height and athleticism to contest for the rebounds and of course his dazzling passes. Triple- Doubles were not anything new to him, in 1994, Jason Kidd was selected by the Dallas Mavericks and he was an All-NBA 2nd draft pick. 2 years later he was traded to the Phoenix Suns where he was sure to have cemented his position.

Jason Kidd is 2nd on the all-time NBA assists leader board. Jason Kidd finished his career with statistics of 17,529 points and has a record of 12,091 assists. The only person ahead of Jason Kidd in the number of assists is John Stockton (15,806 assists). Jason Kidd’s skills and vision for the game are nearly impossible to match.

3) LeBron James

LeBron Raymone James Senior was born in 1984 at Ohio state, USA. In the year 2003 he was the number 1 All-NBA Draft pick; he was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron James is a complete Basketball player, his work ethic is just plain brilliant, he puts in work on and off the court. If he feels like an aspect of his game need to be improved, he will get to work immediately and work on it till he gets it down. He is a complete player, he can shoot the ball and already has 34,087 career points, and 9,298 career assists.

LeBron is on this list because of his unique passing ability, he has the Basketball IQ, the Athleticism and the Strength to get the ball to any player or any place on the court. Lebron has the vision to set up plays and get the ball to the correct player to compete the play, he knows where his teammates are at all times. His ability and judgement to find the right player when it is most needed has just gotten better with his experience in the league.

4) Chris Paul

Christopher Emmanuel Paul was born in 1985 at North California, USA. In the 2005 he was drafted 4th All-NBA by the New Orleans Hornets. He currently plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Chris Paul left his mark in the NBA in his very first year with the league as he won the rookie of the year in the 2005-06 season. He is a 10-time NBA All-Star, 8-time All-NBA teams, 9 NBA All-defensive teams and a 2- time Olympic Gold Medalist.

Chris Paul was fast and had brilliant game vision to find the open man, he is a selfless player, he constantly amazes the fans with his passes and collecting the assists. Injuries have affected his agility and dominance in the game but certainly not his play making ability. Chris Paul is still playing in the league and currently has 18,711 career points and an amazing 9,607 assists.

5) Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook was born in the year 1988 at Long Beach, California. Russell Westbrook is a fierce competitor and certainly has a ‘its not over until its over’ mentality. He is a very athletic player and has the agility, strength and skills to match it. Although Russell Westbrook does enjoy having the ball, a lot of the passes he makes are on point and right to the player, all the teammate has to do is catch and shoot or make the open drive to the basket.

Russell Westbrook joined the league in 2008, he was drafted 4th overall by the Seattle Supersonics. He currently plays for the Houston Rockets along side James Harden, one of the leagues most destructive shooters. Russell Westbrook is a 9 time All-star and his career point are 20,315 points and has 7,267 assists. Russell Westbrook keeps getting better and keeps fighting for the Championship title.

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